Use this online calculator to instantly calculate how much 10oz of 999 silver is worth right now at today’s market rate. Simply refer to the spot price of silver per ounce as indicated in the right margin, enter into the table and hit the ‘How Much Is Silver Worth’ button

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.999 Fine 10oz Silver Bullion

999 Silver bullion for investment is commonly available in 1oz, 10oz and 100oz weights.

As official legal tender coins from national mints, the 10oz denomination is not issued by either the US or Canada however Canada did issue a 10oz Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin in 1998 to mark the 10th anniversary of the coin series. Other than this, the Australia 10oz Silver Kookaburra coin which is issued as standard is a well known choice of 999 10oz silver bullion coins.

On the other hand, .999 10oz silver bars and rounds are very common as they are a more practical route to silver investment than their 1oz counterparts. Silver after all is much much cheaper than gold and whereas 1oz is a sizeable investment in gold, it is not a big ‘position’ in silver.

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