The 1921 silver dollar is from the Peace silver dollar range that were issued after World War I. They are 90% silver bullion coins that weigh 26.73 grams and have a diameter of 1.5 inches. The 1921 silver dollar was amongst the last circulating dollars to be struck in silver.

Like most new strikes, the mintage of the 1921 silver dollar, being the first issue, was low and numbered just over a million coins out of an approximate total number of 200 million Peace Dollars that were eventually struck. All were struck at the Philadelphia Mint meaning that no mint mark is found on them.

Given that this represents under one half percent of the total mintage, this coin is one of the scarcest Peace dollars and in top-notch condition, a 1921 silver dollar is worth several thousand dollars.

Note that before you go scuttling off to the local coin dealer, make sure that the 1921 dollar in your pocket is in fact a Peace dollar. Unusually for coinage, the Morgan silver dollar was also minted in 1921 resulting in a constant source of confusion when dealing with the 1921 silver dollar.

Struck in a high relief, similar to the 1907 $20 St.Gaudens coin, rumours initally surfaced that it did not stack well, but this was quickly disspelled when bank cashiers famously demonstrated for The New York Times that the coins stacked about as well as the Morgan dollars.

Nonetheless, the high relief design in which the edge was thicker than the interior of the coin was abandoned for the subsequent mints. Amongst numismatists, it is exactly these kind of nuances that serve to increase the charm and interest in certain coins over others.

A beautiful and important coin, you can use the simple calculator below to see how much a 1921 silver dollar is worth at melt value.

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