The 1923 silver dollar is from the Peace silver dollar range that were issued after World War I. They are 90% silver bullion coins that weigh 26.73 grams and have a diameter of 1.5 inches. Use the simple calculator below to see how much a 1923 silver dollar is worth at melt value. With their distinctive design, Peace dollars are easy to recognize as they feature a large side image of Lady Liberty’s head on the obverse and a resting eagle on the reverse with the word ‘peace’ engraved in capital letters at the bottom of the coin.

The 1923 Peace silver dollar was minted at the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco mints. As always, those minted in Philadelphia feature no mint mark, whereas those minted in the other two mints have a ‘D’ and ‘S’ respectively marked on the coin near the eagle’s wing.

Between the three mints, the approximate total number struck was 56 million making them a common mintage date and therefore affecting the overall value of 1923 silver dollars.

Nevertheless the 1923-S strike in MS-65 condition or better of which only 300 odd specimens are believed to exist, command prices above $5000. In MS-64, the 1923-S is worth several hundred dollars. Other specimens are worth not much more than melt value.

The 1923-D silver dollar is worth around at thousand dollars in MS-65, several hundred dollars in MS-64 and not much more than melt value in lesser grades.

The 1923 Philadelphia Peace silver dollar is the least valuable strike and worth only a hundred dollars or so in MS-65.

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Coin estimates provided by PCGS – December 2011.
Note: Like all coins that are subject to numismatic speculation, survival rates and other factors, the value of 1923 silver dollars is in constant flux.

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