Like any collectible, determining how much a 1935 silver certificate is worth is dependent on factors such as rarity, condition, collectibility and historical significance.

The 1935 silver certificate was by far and away the biggest print with approximately $25 billion one dollar certificates issued. ts seal was marked in blue ink.

The series includes the 1957A and 1957B issues in which the signees of the certificates changed as shown below with printing numbers.

Series Face Value Signatories Print
1935 $1 W.A. Julian – Henry Morgenthau, Jr. 1,681,552,000
1935A $1 W.A. Julian – Henry Morgenthau, Jr. 6,111,832,000
1935A Hawaii $1 W.A. Julian – Henry Morgenthau, Jr. 35,052,000
1935A N.Africa $1 W.A. Julian – Henry Morgenthau, Jr. 26,916,000
1935B $1 Tres. W.A. Julian – Sec. Fred M. Vinson 806,612,000
1935C $1 W.A. Julian – John W. Snyder 3,088,108,000
1935D $1 Georgia Neese Clark – John W. Snyder 4,656,968,000
1935E $1 Ivy Baker Priest – George M. Humphrey 5,134,056,000
1935F $1 Ivy Baker Priest – Robert B. Anderson 1,226,560,000
1935G $1 Elizabeth Rudel Smith – C. Douglas Dillon 235,640,000
1935H $1 Kathryn O’Hay Granahan – C. Douglas Dillon 31,956,000

How Much is a 1935 Silver Certificate Worth

At almost 25 billion notes printed, the 1935 $1 silver certificate is by no means a rare piece and for this reason, estimates for this certificate range from about $8 upwards in uncirculated condition. The Hawaii and North African issues command higher prices into the hundreds of dollars and are distinguishable by their seals which were stamped in brown and yellow ink respectively as opposed to the blue ink used on all other 1935 silver dollar certificates.

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