Whether you are an investor or just someone with a keen interest in the silver bullion marketplace, you need to know exactly how much a bar of silver is worth. Unlike gold which has been in a tear-away bull market for the last 10 years, silver’s bull just started in late 2010 making now the perfect time to load up with silver bars. Conversely, if you have been holding a stash of silver bars since 2010 when prices were less than $15 an ounce, you could sell up today for an instant 100% return or more. The online calculator below can be used to instantly figure out just how much a silver bar is worth. However, since silver bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you need to first read the details printed on the bar and identify its purity and weight.

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Along with coins and rounds, fine silver bullion bars are one of the standard investment vehicles for portfolios and come with the added advantage that they tend to cost less than an equivalent coin does as their is no numismatic value associated with them.

Because of their lower premium and the fact that silver is so much cheaper than gold, silver bars are an extremely viable entry point for small investors.

Have fun with the following preset calculators in order to keep track of your growing silver bullion portfolio.

  • 1oz silver bars are very common and represent the base ounce unit by which the spot price of silver is quoted. Click here to calculate how much a 1oz silver bar is worth
  • If you are planning on building up a small holding of silver bullion, 10oz silver bars may be more convenient than the smaller 1oz bars. This How Much is a 10oz Silver Bar Worth will allow you to instantly calculate the value of your holding
  • Investors looking to invest thousands of dollars in silver tend to purchase the larger 100oz and even 1000oz silver bars as these are more practical from a storing piont of view. Of course these larger bars do not have the immediate liquidity of smaller bars but have the advantage of small premiums. Click here to see How Much a 100oz Silver Bar is Worth

or click here to return to the main ‘How Much is Silver Worth‘ calculator.

How Much are Engelhard and Johnson Matthey Silver Bars Worth

Back in the 70′s and 80′s when the silver market first shot through the roof, the big names in silver bars were Engelhard and Johnson Matthey.

After the bottom fell out of the silver market however during the mid-eighties, both of these refiners ceased their mass production of silver bullion bars and concentrated their efforts elsewhere.

Nevertheless, their names have lived on and both Engelhard and Johnson Matthey silver bars can be found on the secondary market every now and then and are worth a premium over modern day bars because of their heritage.

Their bullion weight and purity is clearly stamped on every bar. Thus you can easily use the calculator above to figure out a base value for how much an Engelhard bar of silver or a Johnson Matthey bar of silver is worth.

How Much Are Modern Day Silver Bars Worth

AMark 10oz Silver bullion barNowadays, refiners such as AMark, the Sunshine Mint and Silvertowne all issue silver bars in standard weights such as 1oz, 10oz and 100oz bars.

1000oz bars are also available but this variety is used more as the industry standard for trading.

These are generally all fine silver meaning that they are 99.90% pure.

Thus, in order to use the calculator above to evaluate how much a fine silver bar is worth, you would select ‘Millesimal Fineness’ and enter a value of ’999′ and enter the weight of the bar in question in the ‘Quantity’ field.

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