Like the silver dollar, the quarter dollar is a monetary denomination brought into existence by the US Coinage act of 1792. As per the wording of that act, the quarter was to be made of 92 13/16 grain (6.01 g) pure silver or 104 grains (6.74 g) standard silver. Standard silver being an alloy of 89.2% purity.

An oddity when compared to other currency denominations around the world, the quarter harks back to the colonial days of America when the ubiquitous 8 Reales Spanish Milled dollar would be cut into halves and quarters…a practice which earned it the nickname ‘Pieces of Eight’.

Are Silver Quarters Worth Anything?

The modern-day quarter has no silver content and is composed wholly of copper and nickel. Prior to 1965 however, quarters used to be 90% pure silver, the other 10% being once again base metal copper.

This means that pre-1965 quarters have a ‘melt value’ for the silver bullion that they contain.

Furthermore, like any coin, if it has collector value, a silver quarter can be worth more than just the melt value.

The vast majority however have no collector value and are classified simply as junk silver quarters.

Given the increase in silver prices over the past few years, it is no wonder that collectors of junk silver bags are asking the question ‘how much is a silver quarter worth?‘.

Judging How Much a Silver Quarter is Worth

Over the years, the weight and purity of silver quarters has changed but only marginally. Nonetheless, in order to give an accurate estimate regarding melt value as to how much a silver quarter is worth, one must first identify the type of quarter they have.

More importantly however, identification is useful for collector value as a general rule within numismatism is that the older the coin is, the more it is worth.

This is by no means an iron-clad premise however. Other factors such as a coin’s rarity, mintage, quality and surviving specimens also play important parts.

By arming oneself with a knowledge of designs in which quarters have been minted over the course of 200 years, one can make a quick judgement as to whether a silver quarter is worth a great deal or not over its melt value.

How Much Is a Draped Bust Silver Quarter Worth

From its first minting in 1796 to 1807, the silver quarter featured the Draped Bust design in which a notoriously buxom bust of Lady Liberty is depicted.

How Much Is a Capped Bust Silver Quarter Worth

The design used between 1815 and 1838 features a more modest Liberty. It is interesting to note that since no silver dollars were minted between 1805 and 1838, the Capped Bust design never appears on a silver dollar.

How Much Is a Seated Liberty Silver Quarter Worth

A famous design, this was used between 1838 and 1891 in which she is illustrated as sitting on a rock holding onto a liberty pole in her left hand.

How Much Is a Barber Silver Quarter Worth

This was the design used between 1892 and 1916 and features a close-up side view of her head.

How Much Is a Standing Liberty Silver Quarter Worth

This was the design used between 1917 and 1930 and features Liberty striding forwards weilding a shield in one hand and branches in the other.

How Much Is a Washington Silver Quarter Worth

This silver quarter was the first not to use an image of Lady Liberty and in its stead featured an image of the great Revolutionary War general and first President of the United States of America, George Washington.

This design was the last design used on 90% silver quarters and was minted from 1931 until 1964. It should be noted however, that even though the silver content changed, the design stayed the same until 1998.

So before thinking about melting down your Washington quarter, check the mintage date stamped on the coin!

How Much Is a Collectible Silver Quarter Worth

The following silver quarters are worth mentioning as they have collector value.

1918 / 7-S Standing Liberty Quarter
In mint state, these standing liberty silver quarters were worth around $150 and today are estimated to be worth around $20000.

The reason for the interest in these coins is that two hubs with different dates were used to create the 1918 die.

1932-D Washington Quarter
An example of a coin that is less than 100 years old but has collector interest.

The number of 1932 Denver minted Washington silver quarters is relatively small compared to other quarters and since it is one of the first mintage years, demand for it is higher than normal.

In mint state the 1932-D Washinton silver quarter was worth about $32 in 1950 and today are estimated to be worth over a thousand dollars.

1932-S Washington Quarter
Like the Denver minted Washington quarter, its San Francisco minted cousin also has attracted collector interest but in lesser value.

In mint state the 1932-S Washinton silver quarter was worth about $17 in 1950 and today are estimated to be worth over $500.

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