The 1922 silver dollar is from the Peace silver dollar range that were issued between the years 1921 and 1935. These were 90% silver bullion coins that weighed 26.73 grams.

It is no surprise that many people ask how much a 1922 silver dollar is worth given that out of approximately no more than 200 million Peace Dollars, the 1922 mintage comprised a whopping 80 million of these which equates to almost 40%.

Therefore, the most likely silver Peace dollar that members of the public come across are the 1922 strikes and hence the very common question ‘how much is a 1922 silver dollar worth’.

For the very same reason that the mintage is high for this year, the 1922 silver dollar is not of particular interest to coin collectors and are generally worth only a few dollars more than the melt value of their silver.

1922 dollars with the most numismatic value are those with an ‘S’ mint mark on them indicating they were minted in San Francisco and can be worth upto $2000 in mint condition.

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