999 Silver, also known as Three Nines silver is considered to be fine or pure silver and refers to minted silver bars, coins or rounds whose purity is 999 out of 1000 parts silver which on the millesimal fineness scale equates to 99.90% pure.

The American Silver Eagle bullion coin, PAMP Suisse silver bars and a variety of silver rounds issued by private mints around the world are examples of 999 silver that are sought out by investors. Use this online calculator to instantly calculate how much 999 silver is worth right now at today’s spot price.

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Given that .999 silver is a purity used for investment grade silver bullion, many people are interested in being easily able to calculate the value of their .999 silver bullion portfolios quickly and conveniently. Since silver bullion is issued in both gram and troy ounce weight denominations, the following preset calculators are useful.

For example, the how much is a gram of 999 silver worth calculator can be used to evaluate the value of small .999 silver bars such as 1g, 5g, 10g, 100g and other such weights.

On the other hand, the how much is an ounce of 999 silver worth calculator can be used to instantly evaluate the worth of a portfolio of .999 silver coins such as 1oz American Silver Eagles.

Similarly this how much is 10oz of 999 silver worth calculator is specified for 10oz units.

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.999 Silver Bullion

.999 Silver Coins

1oz American Silver Eagle999 silver is the standard to which most governments that issue silver bullion products mint them.

For example, the US issues American Silver Eagles, Australia issues Australian Silver Kookaburras, Silver Koalas and Silver Kangaroos, China has its Silver Chinese Panda and Mexico its Silver Libertads.

The Canadian Silver Maple is also a popular coin but this is minted to the ultra-fine 9999 standard which is 99.99% pure. Whilst four nines is common in gold bullion products, it is a rarity in silver products for which the vast majority are three nine pure.

Demand for silver has been so high recently that the U.S. Mint reported in January 2011 that a record breaking number of more than 6 million American Eagle one-ounce silver bullion coins were sold. This was more than any other month in the Mint’s 26 years of published sales and a clear testament to investor belief that 999 silver is worth the bet.

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.999 Silver Bars

AMark 10oz Silver bullion bar999 is the standard to which most investment silver bars are minted. Mostly available in 10oz and 100oz weights nowadays, they are uniform in size and compact, making them easy to handle, convenient to store and a great way to store a large amount of wealth in a small storage area.

Older silver bars can be found in 5-oz, 10-oz, 20-oz, and 50-oz sizes and if they bear the hallmark of prestigious refiners such as Johnson Matthey or Engelhard, can be very much in demand.

Other reputable refiners include the Perth Mint, Sunshine Minting and the Wall Street Mint. These investment grade silver bars are readily accepted for resale and therefore highly liquid assets.

Silver bars can be poured, struck or extruded but the manufacturing technique does not radically affect how much these 999 silver bars are worth.

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.999 Silver Rounds

999 Silver rounds are just like bars except they are round and available generally in 1oz weights only. They are not coins however as they do not have any legal tender but this does not affect their silver worth at all. Silver bars for example are not legal tender either. Legal tender is generally only used for goverment issued coins.

Amongst the most popular 1 ounce silver rounds are those issued by refiners such as Sunshine Minting and A-Mark Precious Metals as well as the Buffalo or Indian Head and Liberty silver rounds which are still long-term favorites with investors because of their beautiful designs.

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